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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 24 - Snowing Again

I went to work for about a half day. My sciatic nerve was making it hard to sit and do any work. Came home and took a flexeril and went to sleep for awhile. I am now going for a massage (which was planned already).

Tonight, I am going to work on the shadow box some and knit on the tunic dress a little. I will at least pick up and knit the stitches to start the back of the skirt. For the shadow box I am going to line it with uniform material. So, I am going to use blue material, green material, BDU material, DCU material, and ABU material. I will take a picture once I have it all laid out. I think he is going to like it a lot.

Okay, I will post later, got to run to the massage.

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