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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Second Day of Moving

I started the day by going to the Thrift Shop on base at around 10. I got a nice round side table, a crystal table lamp, and another piano bench with a tapestry top. I was really excited with my finds. I went to Target and got a lamp shade, a beaded round top for the round table, and a tray to put on the ottoman. I am attaching some pictures of my handy work today. I moved two trailers of light boxes and a lot of single items in the Jeep. The chairs to the table and my huge teddy bear. I got plenty of exercise in today!! Oh, I put the trestle table together and somehow I bruised my knee on it, anyway, I got the damn thing together. Had to put the legs on the ottoman and that was easy thank god. David is home now and we just finished eating and are getting ready to take some more boxes over. I am only going to unpack the boxes, I am not carrying any in, my knee really, really hurts now. All right off to supervise the loading of the trailer!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Day of Moving

We didn't get much moved from the house today. I spent most of the day shopping. I got a nice old piano bench from the thrift shop on base for $15. I got a stainless steel can opener from the BX (our old one is OLD). A new toaster, two canisters, some cabinets for Jack's bathroom and a couple garbage cans from Target. I bought all the replacement light fixtures, medicine cabinets, ceiling fan, couple of rugs, and shower heads from Lowe's. I got a doggy door from Home Depot. I picked up the ottoman from Value City Furniture. I bought a sofa table from Sauder. That was enough buying for one day. When David got home we went and got the sofa from Value City and swung by the house to pick up the carpet that goes under the table. I am going to clean it with the rug cleaner tomorrow. So also took the rug cleaner and the small Oreck vacuum and of course my stereo so I can rock out tomorrow while I clean the carpet and arrange my new furniture. First tomorrow I am going to the thrift shop again because people were bringing in some nice stuff for consignment as I was walking out so I am going to check it out. I am going to load up the trailer with light stuff tomorrow and make a couple trips over. Jack is going to have a friend with a truck help after school. So, we will get there sooner or later!

All right I am tired, goodnight!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday! Signing for the house today

It is an exciting day today! I am doing a walk through at 10 this morning and am going to take measurements for the appliances. We are going to go to Lowe's tonight to order them. I bought a new sleeper sofa and large ottoman for the living room yesterday. We needed the bed for Dave's mom because she doesn't want to climb stairs when she comes to visit. We have another roll away bed for the guest room upstairs. I think we have enough other furniture to fill out the house.

I painted the small bathroom last night. I have to go back and redo all the cut in work. I thought I might need to put another coat on but it looks pretty good this morning. I still need to paint the ceiling white. I am going to pick up another color for the family room today,something that will coordinate with the red in the kitchen. I have all of the patches painted in the kitchen I just need to roll a couple coats on and it will be done. I am not going to do the family room until I get all the furniture out.

I am still looking for the carpet. I didn't like the first guy who gave me a quote. Got another guy out here and he called me back with an okay price but then said they wanted the money all up front! I don't think so, I wasn't born yesterday. So, I am going to Home Depot for the extra paint and I will check out what they have to offer. It seems that it is going to run around $700+ to do just the family room and hallway.

Well, I've got to finish up some homework and then get ready for the walk through. I will try to take some more pictures today to post.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 April - Gray Saturday

It has been raining on and off today. I had my hair done this morning. I am only getting it trimmed now because I told David I would grow it out when I retire. I'll have to put it up for a few days but that is okay.

The packing is going well and I only have a few more bits and pieces to go. We have to get into Jack's room and see what needs to be done in there. I did not like my first carpet guy so I just had another one in to measure who was much nicer. I will get that estimate tomorrow. I started painting over the patches in the kitchen and it appears the color will match very well although it will take a few coats to cover up all of the patches but I am overall happy with it.

We have the walk through Monday morning. I plan to get measurements for the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. I will go to Lowe's and order them on Monday as well as they have a 10% off sale and a 10% military discount. We will start moving boxes Tuesday. I don't think it will take long to move the house stuff but the garage stuff will take awhile.

I still have not seen a message saying my boss has approved my retirement application. I though I would see it this weekend because he will be in Orlando next week. I am afraid I will have to resubmit because they only give you a week to 10 days to reply or they cancel the application.

Well, David has gone to get us dinner and then I am going to sand the 1/2 bath and get it ready for paint. I hope we have a nice day tomorrow, at least some sunshine!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 April - Paperwork is in

Well, I have submitted the paperwork and it is sitting in my bosses inbox to be approved. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. I asked for and was given another week of leave so I will be able to do some moving and cleaning next week. I believe that my retirement ceremony will be either 30 June or 1 Aug. I am not exactly sure until I get my orders and see finance to determine terminal leave. So, I am pretty much done at work except for a couple weeks next month before my surgery, I'll have 6 weeks off after surgery and then will go on terminal leave within a couple days. I am very happy!

I of course have had no chance to do any crafts and I am sure I won't until I am on my convalescence leave, some kind of knitting probably. Maybe I will finish my dress.

Okay, I just took care of all the utilities change over except for the AT&T UVERSE for the television. I believe I will leave that one up to David. I am going to load the Jeep up for hopefully the last run to Goodwill, I did a pretty good job cleaning out all the old stuff this time. I am going to try to paint the kitchen tonight but it may have to wait for tomorrow because I also have homework tonight. It will be a toss up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21 April - Retirement Maybe?

Well, yesterday was very depressing. I received my medical board results and they did not retire me. I was very upset as you can imagine. There was some crying. Then I took a nap. When I woke up I grabbed my Blackberry and asked my boss to please allow me to retire early (5 months). Today, I got the word that he is going to say yes to the waiver so I am very happy about that. I have to get on the system tomorrow and put my application in and hopefully it won't take too long to get an answer and I should be totally retired by 1 Aug. I no longer have to go to Orlando which makes me very happy. I get to be here to sign for the house! I can also get everything finished painting and cleaning up. So, everyone wish me luck in getting through the paperwork jungle to get out of the Air Force.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

19 April - Another Sunny Sunday

I forgot to mention that yesterday was my 22 AF anniversary! Woo-hoo, pay raise and clothing allowance coming my way. What will I spend it on?

David and I had fun yesterday going to see Date Night even though the movie wasn't as funny as the trailers made it out to be. It was still nice to get out and not worry about packing or cleaning for awhile. We then went to BW3 and had early dinner.

I was supposed to work on my homework last night but I decided to finish the latching on the pillow. Now I have to get a pillow form and some material to make the entire pillow. I will take a run to Hancock Fabric today.

I will spend most of the day doing laundry and homework. David is going to start cleaning out his garage. That should be interesting. Plans tomorrow are to finish packing what I can and get all the boxes to the front room. Tuesday I will start touch up painting and painting the kitchen red wall and the half bath.

All right, going to start homework while David is still sleeping.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Georgeus Saturday Morning

It is a beautiful morning outside! So happy we have got past winter.

The house is coming along well. I did a lot of packing again yesterday. I might do some sanding and patching again today. I don't plan to work too hard today.

David and I had a great time at the Chamber of Commerce but the dinner was not that tasty. Carrot cake for dessert was good. I finally got to meet all the Long Cleaner folks. It is a family company so it is nice mom and pop feel.

I am posting the picture of the pillow. Like I said in previous post I made the outside frame two big so I will have to add an extra row to make it come out right but I am sure no one will notice once it is done.

Also, posting a picture of Puppy because he looked so cute in his basket today.

Got to go, Jack wants to use my computer.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday!! One week of leave complete

It has been a very busy week and I have done a lot. I am getting to the point where I can paint. I might paint the kitchen tomorrow and do some of the touch-ups. I've got to finish putting up the rest of the smoke detectors, I'll do that today. I just finished packing up my workout room and my clothes/junk in the bedroom. I probably did a little more than I should have but at least it is done.

David is taking me to a Chamber of Commerce dinner tonight so that should be fun. We had to go last night and by him a suit jacket. He was going to go without one but I thought he would stick out and he can always use it in the future.

I've worked on the pillow a little. I don't think I did the border the correct number. I actually did it too big so I will have to add an extra material to make it look good. It will be modified log cabin pattern.

I started a new term at school and I decided to drop one of the classes, I think I just have too much going on right now and won't have time for both of them. I am going to have my surgery 18 May so that works out really well for the move and getting the folks in the rental. Hopefully, next term I will be retired and will have more time to take the two courses.

Well, I am off to look for nail holes to fill :) Life is Good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom's Purse

Well, my mom got her purse today and she really likes it. So, now I can post the pictures. It is big enough for her to put all her stuff in now.

Tuesday - More Packing and Cleaning

I got really far on patching holes and doing some cleaning yesterday. Today I am going to work on packing up the craft stuff and the Christmas tree! Yes, it is still up...LOL. I got my allergy shot this morning, went to the gym, and now I am going to lunch with my friend. After that I am going to Home Depot to try to match up the paint colors to patch up the walls. Should be another good day. I am so happy to be at home!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11 - Crafty Sunday

Well, I had quite a few things I wanted to do today but I ended up spending most of it working on the pillow. It is very addictive. I finally had to stop because it was bothering my wrist and I have my brace on now. I will have to give it a day to rest.

Tomorrow, I start 2 weeks of leave. The plan is to go to the gym at 9 each morning and then either pack stuff or paint/clean. Tomorrow I will walk around and see what each room needs done and make a list. I need to go to Lowe's to get spackling and paint. Hopefully I will get quite a bit accomplished without David and Jack here. David worked on the front yard today and it looks really nice.

Okay, posting pictures of my pillow progress. I still have not broke out the old sewing machine to finish the tote but I will try tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10 - Sunny Saturday

Good Morning!
It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day and hopefully warm. We are going out to the garage sales today and a clearance sale of Longaberger baskets.

We have to take all of our stuff to Goodwill it has been loaded in the Jeep for about a week now and we have more to take over there.

I am posting pictures of my new project. It is a latch hook pillow made with material. It is in the style of a log cabin quilt pattern. I decided to do a patriotic theme for it. I am excited to learn this new craft as I have seen some really pretty rugs in the quilt shop and would like to make some of those too.

I will definitely get the tote done today. I don't plan to do any packing today since I have taken the two weeks off to do that so I am not going to ruin my weekend of crafting to pack. LOL

Oh, the reinspection on the house went well yesterday and we will be able to start moving in on the 26th instead of the 1st so that will help with getting the renters in sooner, as they had hoped to be in the last week of May.

All right, I am going to have some breakfast and get ready for shopping. David is still asleep of course so I am enjoying the peace and quiet before he gets up.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cold Thursday

It turned cold, wet and windy today. Disappointing after all the nice weather lately. I got my allergy shot today and then went to the VA center to pick up the form I need to claim the disabilities. I then went to the medical records and requested a copy of all my medical records. Once I get those I can see the medical record review person and then once I get my retirement orders I can send in my claim.

I worked on a lot of training stuff today and got things posted to the website it was quite time consuming, I have more to do tomorrow.

I started packing up my cubicle since I will be out three weeks and we are supposed to move to a new building next month so figured I would go ahead and clean everything out, not sure when my surgery is going to be so I may be out when they are moving.

I just read on the MEB forum that someone from 17 Dec has received their findings back so I am getting closer. My friend said she would call again tomorrow to check the status so I will update the blog tomorrow.

Still no crafting. I am going to stop by Jo-Anne's tomorrow and pick up some fat quarters to make the hook fabric log cabin pillow. I have some material but they aren't the right colors for this project. I will try to post something tomorrow or Saturday. I still need to do the final stitch around the tote but I have to get the old sewing machine up and running.

Time for a snack and then I have a bunch of shows to watch.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7 - Yah Wednesday!!

I am getting happier as the week moves on because I got my leave approved. I am so looking forward to the time off. I have not worked on any crafts the last couple of days. I worked on my exercise room last night and went through and threw out a lot of stuff and have a big box of books for Goodwill. I still have a few boxes to pack in there some awards from work and stuff like that. I have a bunch of workout DVDs that I know I am not going to use ever again so I think I will take them to the base thrift shop and put them on consignment along with my Malibu Pilates chair, and my Dale Jarrett stuff. Maybe I can make a few bucks out of it. I will do that next week while I am off. Hopefully, I don't find anything to buy while I am there :).
Since I don't have any craft pictures to post I am posting some pictures of our pretty spring flowers. We are supposed to have more rain tonight with maybe some thunder. We will see.

Monday, April 5, 2010

6 April - Stormy Night

Well, it is storming outside and a little storm brewing inside because my sewing machine broke right before I was about to finish the tote bag. I broke the needle off on a pin I forgot to remove and now it refuses to make a stitch. Well I am posting the pictures of what it looks like right now.

We are still packing up and throwing things out and it is really looking nice and tidy around here. I am about to pack up the Turkish dishes, I am not sure where they will go in the new house.

Well, if my sources are correct I should have an answer from the medical board in 2-3 weeks! I am trying to take leave for 2 weeks and then I go to Orlando for a week. Strategic timing :)

Okay off to pack and then bedtime.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

It is a beautiful day here so far. I believe it is supposed to be 75 today! We spent most of the day yesterday packing still. David cleaned up his computer room and I am working on my exercise room. I am contemplating what to do with all of my Dale Jarrett stuff. I hate to keep moving it and all it does is sit in boxes in a closet. I think I will put it up for sale on ebay. I am also considering getting rid of some of my paperback books keeping only the ones that are truly my favorites. I've got some things I am going to set aside for our works silent auction. some glass items from Turkey that also sit in the closet. Hopefully, I will finish in there today. I am also going to clean out the pantry and pack up our everyday plates because we mostly use paper plates any way. I would like to get some new plates, I have had those many years, Rachel will remember that they were plates sold at Safeway in Tucson that you could get at reduced price if you bought so much in groceries. They are all chipped up now. I think I will get some new ones the next time we go to IKEA. David bought a burn barrel yesterday so we can burn the piles of papers that we should have shredded for the past year or so. We always end up this way and then we try to shred and overheat the shredder so we decided to get a burn barrel.

I did not work on any crafts yesterday, the day just seemed to fly by. I am not sure I will do anything else until most of the packing is done since it seems we are on a role right now. I am actually going to pack up most of the craft room that is in the dinning room. All the yarn and stained glass stuff.

The commissary doesn't open until noon today so we will be a little behind in our schedule but that's okay. All right I am off to clean out the pantry, shouldn't take long.

Friday, April 2, 2010

2 April - Happy Good Friday

Well, I have not posted in a few days. I took some time off from work and was packing up the kitchen for a couple days plus some other chores. I worked out twice but did a little too much yesterday so I had to rest today. Spent most of the day today doing paperwork for the rental, new house and refinancing current house.

I bought some finishing touches for Mom's purse and I am happy to say that it is complete! I will get it in the mail to her and then will post pictures once she has received it.

Tomorrow more packing and hopefully finish the tote that was started last Saturday in a class that was supposed to be long enough to finish it...LOL. I have to make the handles and the lining and I will be done with it. I will then get back to my dress. Plus, I picked up a cute little kit to make a pillow, it is like a hooked rug but with material. I also picked up a couple of dresses at the thrift shop to use for making purses. I got an old sewing box too. Overall it was a pretty good day!!

Enjoy the pictures!