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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 Valentine's Day Sunshine Sunday

I am up early again on the weekend but I am sitting in my chair with the sun streaming in so it is not all that bad. I am sure it is only 13 degrees outside but having the sun out is wonderful.

Not much planned today, just the usual chores and I have to get some homework done. I will work on Lemon Lace a little and I want to go to Michaels to get some brownish yarn to make the cute little bunny in the Debbie Bliss magazine. I also worked a little on the tie project last night but I am not sure I am liking how it is turning out. I will think about it a little longer.

David and I are going out to lunch for Valentines day. We usually don't do dinners on major holidays because it is just too hard to get into restaurant's around here after 3 pm.

I am happy to have one more day off and will mostly work on Lemon Lace to get it finished up. I am ready to move on to another project.

I'll post some more pictures later.

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