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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 17 - Back to work

Well, no snow day or delay today. I spent most of the day grading award packages because I procrastinated and I thought they were do tomorrow. Oh well, gave me something to do today.

I've got 1 and 1/2 ear and the sweater to knit for Bunny and then he will get stuffed and put together. I will do the fringe on Lemon Lace this weekend. When I finish Bunny I am going to let my hand rest and do some sewing, I will work on the tie projects. I may think about a stained glass project too.

There are a couple stores around one has quilting classes and the other is a fiber shop but I don't know if it has any lessons. I have quilted in the past but it might be fun to take another class. I am thinking it might be cool to learn how to frame pictures too. They have a class at the hobby shop for that. David's mom frames all her needlework and Doris' too. It would be nice to learn the mat cutting to make the special frames for going away parties.

We have piles and piles of snow here. I don't think I have seen so much snow in Dayton before. We usually get snow and then it melts away before we get more. It is packed in pretty good. We may break a record for snow in February if we get much more this month.

Okay, off to eat and work on Bunny.


  1. If we lived closer together we could take classes together. We really need to work on that you know. :)

  2. How about, when are WE moving to Tucson?!?!