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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ohio State "O"

I had another good retreat! We shopped all day on Thursday and sewed until about midnight. We didn't stay up as late as we normally do I think we were all happy to get some extra sleep. I worked on the Ohio State "O" that I am making for the silent auction at the retreat. If you remember I realized I made the "O" the wrong color, black instead of red. So, I worked on making the red log cabin blocks the first evening and into the next day. Last night I put the border on it and tonight I did the backing, batting and top sandwich to get ready to quilt it tomorrow. I am going to make a hanging sleeve on the back and make a wire hangar for it. I need to go to JoAnn's tomorrow and get a dowel to put through the hanging sleeve and attach the wire to. I will hopefully get it done tomorrow. I also worked on JoAnn's wedding quilt. I like the center block but not so sure about the two blocks I made for the top piece. I am going to pull those blocks off and put the pink border color on instead, I think the pattern is too overpowering and needs some solid color in there. I hope that will make the difference, I really would like to get it done. I am still waiting for my long arm quilt machine. They told me it would be two weeks when I bought it and I think we are on about 4 weeks now. I called last night and they said 3-4 more weeks. The manufacture underestimated how popular this new model was going to be and are swamped with orders. I hope I get it soon because I wanted to use it to make some of my gifts for Christmas. I still have to finish up something I am making for Rachel. There just isn't enough time in the day!!! That's about all the news for now. Below are some pictures of projects and some quilts that others brought for show and tell at the retreat.
This is the clock tower in the town of Berne, Indiana. We went there on Thursday to visit a few quilt shops in the area before we went to the retreat.
This is the sign outside of the retreat center. This is the first time we had seen our retreat listed on the sign. The quilt shop we go with is called the Mason Jar Quilt Shop and the owners name is Michelle Mason.
This is a quilt one of the ladies made for her husband who is retired Navy.
I really like the colors in this one, it was very pretty.
This is the "O" as I completed it at the retreat. I had to make the red log cabin blocks at the retreat. I had the gray ones complete all ready.
I put the black border on last night. The dotted fabric in this picture is the backing.
Here is the "O" all sandwiched with backing, batting and top. I will quilt it tomorrow.
This is what the backing looks like.
This is JoAnn's quilt. I am not happy with it. going to pull off those two top blocks and try something else, I think it looks too busy.