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Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22 - Tunic Dress Progress

Well, made it through another Monday. Was busy working on retirement plans most of the morning and had lunch with the 4 star General and all the other Chief's. Didn't do much in the afternoon and left at 4 to pick up a shadow box. I've been trying to fold the flag to fit the box but it just isn't going to happen so I will have to go get a deeper box. I will get it tomorrow at Michael's because they have 40% off right now.

Last night I began knitting on the Tunic Dress. The first thing knitted is the band at the back which you work the skirt and back of the top off of. I finished it tonight and will start working the skirt portion tomorrow night.

I also need to open up the quilt kit and see what I have to do to make that up. I'll have to bring my sewing machine into the family room because it is too cold in my crafting room. LOL

All right, time to get ready for Tuesday. We had some rain today so the snow is melting a little but I think David said we were getting some snow Wednesday. At least we finally got the propane guy out to get new tanks so I can have a fire again.

I'll catch up tomorrow night.

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