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Saturday, February 20, 2010

20 Feb - Bunny is done!

Well, Bunny with Sweater is done. He turned out pretty good. I think next time I will use thicker yarn. I have decided that I am not going to fringe Lemon Lace. I did not make it as long as the pattern called for and it would not look right to fringe the side edges instead of the cast on/off edges. It is being blocked at the moment to keep it the cast on/off edges from rolling. What I really need to buy is a proper blocking board.

Well, it was a productive day. Bunny done, Lemon Lace pretty much done, went to quilt shop (Mason Jar) and signed up for a class to make a tote, it is called On the Go Tote. I know have to go pick out material which I will need a half a day to do. Jo-Anne's here I come! I went by Fiberworks to ask about crochet classes and the owner is going to give me one-on-one lessons to help me through the Sunshine Baby Blanket! I am so happy! It will be in a couple weeks, on Saturdays in the afternoon. I can't wait! Oh, I also did my homework which only took a few minutes. I put the picture and frame together for Colonel Hobson's retirement and ordered the flowers for his ceremony. A very productive Saturday.

I bought the new Debbie Bliss magazine for Spring/Summer 2010 and I liked a baby blanket in there for the next project for Beth's baby. It is an unusual pattern so it may take me some time to get it done. I will post some pictures when I get going on it.

I am posting some pictures of our fun Dayton Winter. My Winter garden and the icicles that have been growing off our gutters. I caught one yesterday morning as the sun was coming up out the kitchen window. I also caught Puppy and Marley watching me wondering what I was doing taking pictures so early in the morning!

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