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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue and Gray Take 5 Quilt is done!

I have been busy the past week and a half trying to get the blue and gray Take 5 quilt done. It has been one of the most difficult finishes I have had. This was my first flannel quilt and I don't think I will want to do another one any time soon. The flannel along the edge borders stretched and got out of shape so the binding would not go on properly, I had to cut the borders down just a bit to get it to lay flat. But finally got it done tonight. I was trying to get it done by last Friday because that was Airmen Sanchez's birthday and I have been making this for him because he really liked all of my other quilts and he wanted one for himself. He is about my boy's age as are most of the Airmen I work with so most days I feel like the mom of a bunch of kids. It has been washed and it is in the dryer right now so I am very happy that he will get it tomorrow. He is going to take me out to lunch on Thursday, that was my price for making it for him.
Here is the finished quilt. I am so happy that it is done. It is also one of the largest quilts I have done. I did the quilting myself on this one by just stitching in the seams around the blocks. I think it turned out very patch work-y.
These are some pictures of it while I was putting the binding on. As you can see it is a lot of quilt to be working on! I also finished a baby quilt for Dave's Jeep friend. It was a printed panel so all I had to do was sew around the edges of the borders and around the animals in the quilt. I put a pink satin binding on it to dress it up. It turned out really nice.
I also starting working on a floral red and black dragon quilt for my friend Michelle. She liked the dragon one I made for Mark so I used the same dragon but I am making it more feminine for her. I just have one large border and the square blocks to put around the edges and it will be ready to go to the long arm quilter.
Next project up is for my friend JoAnn, she is getting married in October so I am making her a quilt as a wedding present. She has purples and lilacs in her bedroom so I picked out a nice pattern with those and some other colors in it. The pattern is call Good Fortune and hopefully it will bring them good luck in the marriage. I am doing the pattern called Dora. It has the pattern between a solid rail, kind of looks like a window panel. I am really excited to get going on it.
I have an order from my friend Beth to make a wedding throw for her daughter. The wedding is in February so I have a little time to get it done. I have bought some fabric for it and settled on a pattern that I like. Her wedding colors are Ivory and Lapis (a blue purple color). The pattern is called the Waltz. I will take out the middle motif and put in their names and wedding date.
Well, that is the update for now. I am keeping very busy with all my projects. I have to start thinking about some birthday and Christmas gifts. I may already be behind the power curve for this year...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sorry it has been a little while since I posted. Trying to learn how to do things on the iPad. I couldn't figure out how to transfer my pictures from my phone. I have it figured out now. So the room is getting put to good use. I have finished the baby quilt I was working on for Dave's Jeep buddy. I started working on the red and black floral dragon quilt for my friend Michelle but have put it aside to work on the blue and gray take 5 quilt for the Airmen at work, I found out that his birthday Friday so it is making me get it done, no more procrastination! Clarinda and I went to our usual shops last Saturday. This Saturday we a going to look at some new shops in Cincinnati. Dave has a Jeep Jam to go to so it is a good weekend to look at something new. I am not sure air Melissa is going with us. Tomorrow night I am hosting another purse party. Mostly to show off my new craft room :) I have a few ladies coming over so that will be fun. Well I just tried to upload pictures and it is not going to let me. Hopefully I can figure this out and get them posted.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I've been quite busy with work tasks. I'll be glad when the next few days are over so I can catch up with my regular work. I have not done much crafting either. I worked on the baby blanket, sewing around the panel lines. I am waiting on the frame to come so that I can roll all the layers together and quilt some of the animals so they will stand out some. Then I will just need to bind it. The frame I am getting will allow me to do some free motion quilting with my current machine. I hope it turns out as well as they show it in the instructional video. It will be fun to try doing the quilting myself although it won't be the fancy stitching of the long arm quilter. I am certainly enjoying my new room. I've already had my first sewing guest over. Melissa came on Saturday and she got a binding sewn on and work on a baby quilt using the disappearing 9-patch pattern.
This is the pattern I bought to make a quilt for Beryl. I was going to do something different but then saw this with the British Union Jack so of course I have to make it for her - Limey that she is..
Beryl loves purple so these are the materials that I am going to use. In the pattern you can see they did each flag different but I am going to do them all the same. I am excited to get started on it but I have to finish up the other three that I am working on.
This is my son Mark and his new girlfriend Jaclyn. I am so happy he has found someone and they seem really well suited.
Here are our remaining children still at home...LOL
This is my new iPad. I gave Jack my laptop for school and wanted a tablet. I got the Ipad and a neat carrier that has a key pad built in for it. I like it very much the only thing I have to figure out is how to save my photos from my phone so that I can post to this blog. I am currently using the little notepad that was Jacks to post this and it is quite slow. On that note, I will say bye for now and will hopefully have more to post in the upcoming days.