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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Already?


It was such a short Fall! I have been so busy with work that I don't feel like working on my crafts when I get home. I am now in a mad dash trying to get Christmas things done. I am only going to get two things made this year! I definitely have to start earlier next year, January would probably be a good idea.

David and I had a great anniversary this year. He bought me a really pretty ring and we went to Louisville, Kentucky for the weekend. We visited a couple historic homes and staid at a very nice B&B. On Saturday night we drove threw the Mega Caverns to see Christmas lights, it was quite fun.

I am busy finishing up a knitting project as someone's gift and need to put the binding on the quilt for Jessica. I have lot's of material piling up from my several shop hops over the past few months. I am hoping to make some strip quilts from the jelly rolls and flannel material I bought. Once I get the Christmas stuff done I have to spend a little time finishing up getting this room organized and then get my other room put together. I also have to get all my donations for Goodwill gathered up and turned in so I can get my tax credits for this year. Can't believe it will be time to do taxes again, hopefully we won't be paying this year!

I will post pictures later, having a problem getting them uploaded right now.