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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Work is going good. I am just trying to get organized and caught up on how the process works. The office is really nice and my cubicle is too. It is warm in there though, I don' think I have ever worked in an office that was warm, I usually freeze. It is a small group that works in there and they mostly handle human resource issues for all the civilians. There is also a training person and the building custodian so it is quite a varied group. They have just reorganized and are still catching up on all of that.

I have been knitting a little at night but not as much as I would like. I am going to have to take it to work and knit on my lunch break so I can get everything done for Christmas. I need to hem some pants this weekend, I am hoping my new sewing machine will do it for me but I have to read the manual and I also need to get some black thread. I am still working on the mohair bolero and I bought a pretty lace top to go under it.

My new work is having a meet and greet this weekend. It is at a winery and you get to grill the meat yourself. Should be interesting, I had to twist David's arm to get him to go with me but I am not going by myself when there is wine drinking involved :).

All right, off to knit and do other chores, the evenings go by so fast now!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I was finally approved for the job on base. I have spent the afternoon filling out forms and I have to see the hiring person tomorrow. I am not sure what else I will be doing this week. I have an orientation next Monday. I can't wait to get to the office and see where I will be working. One of the bad things is that there isn't much parking at the building I will be working at so I will be getting a hike in each morning which will be okay until it starts to snow...which seems right around the corner with this crazy weather we are having lately.

Beryl sent me some nice mohair wool and I am making a bolero jacket for someone's Christmas present. I will post a swatch of it later, it is very soft and furry but it makes my eyes itch! Luckily it is knitting up fairly quick.

We had rain all day today so I sat under my mood light for an hour this morning. I think it helped because I didn't have to take a nap.

Okay, off to plan what to wear tomorrow and then watch the Bears and Packers game...should be a good one!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We have had a nice Fall Saturday. Had to go to the commissary this morning because I have class tomorrow, we got in and out very quickly, they have the store all decorated with Fall things and all the Halloween candy is out. We then came home and I got laundry started and we went out to a couple of garage sales and the big thrift shop. I got a couple of dress patterns from one garage sale where they had already cut the fabric and so now I just have to sew them, I got them both for $4.50 including the material! Came home and finished knitting half of the set that I am making for someone. David cleaned up the yard and cut down some overgrown plants. I decided to make my yummy pumpkin bread and it is in the oven baking right now. Had a yummy pot roast for dinner, I put small white and red potatoes in the crock pot with the meat and they are better than the meat! So good! Tonight I have to pack my bag and lunch for school and finish up the laundry. Hopefully we will get out early tomorrow. I passed my mid-term which was easier than I thought it was going to be. I also got a call to go to another interview and since I didn't hear back on starting the other one I decided to interview for this new one, should be on Thurs or Fri. It is for a Project Manager job which is a salary job so hopefully I can get that instead of the hourly job. I'll keep you updated. I am enclosing a small swatch of the project I am working on now.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One project done!

I have finally finished something! I finished a birthday present and I really like it. I am showing a small swatch here so you can see the colors. I will post the whole project once the gift is received.

I am busy with the next project which is also a gift. I think this will knit up much faster than my past projects. I also got the shot in my thumb joint this morning and it instantly feels better. I am sure it will be sore in a little while but feels good now with the little bit of numbing medicine they put in it.

There really isn't a whole lot going on here. Still waiting to hear if I was approved for the job. Hopefully I'll be able to start by the first of October. I have the Real Estate course on Sunday all day, hopefully we will get out early again. I have to take the midterm by tomorrow so I am going to get on that this afternoon if I can put the knitting down and maybe after the nap :)

All right off to do some chores and then nap and then knit and then maybe homework....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack's Birthday!

Here are a couple pictures from Jack's Birthday.

I filled out the employment paperwork for the job and I will hopefully be approved early in the week by the Air Force customer. I went to my first class for the real estate certificate. It went from 8am - 4pm today. It was supposed to go to 6 but she let us go because we had some discussions to write and post online and we have a midterm to take by Friday. I like these accelerated classes, you can get done really quick. I will take the other two next month and the final one in January.

take care.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling Better

I am finally feeling better. I am eating again so that is good. I still have several more days on antibiotics they are very yucky so I am glad for that.

I finished knitting the purse and I have to sew the lining in and do the handles. I am working on something for someones birthday and I will hopefully have that done this weekend so I can work on something for someone elses birthday and then Christmas stuff...I hope I finish in time.

Jack had his birthday Wednesday. He spent most of the evening with his friends as is to be expected when you turn 17. We had an ice cream cake when he came home and we got him some clothes and a game so he was happy. He is off at the football game tonight big rivalry game tonight.

I had an interview today for an administrative support job. I am tired of looking for contracting jobs so started looking for something else I am good at and found the position I interviewed for today. It is to manage the awards program for one of the directorates on base. I am fairly sure that I will get the job but should know for sure next week and hopefully start by the end of the month. I think I will be very happy doing this job. I am also starting real estate classes this Sunday. I've always liked the thought of doing realty and the time seems right to go ahead and get the school done and get the license. I am more interested in property management than being a Realtor so we will have to see what kind of jobs that will bring along.

So, that has been my week. I will post some pictures later.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Weekend

I did not have a good weekend. I had a bout of diverticulitis start Friday afternoon. I woke up Saturday in pain and went to the ER. Had a CT scan and was confirmed with it. Got some antiobiotics and went to bed. Stayed in bed most of Saturday and Sunday. Still didn't feel that great this morning so called and got an appointment for tomorrow. I am feeling a bit better this afternoon and I have a phone interview in about half an hour. I am hoping it will go well but I think they are looking for someone with a lot of experience on the computer system and I have not used that system since we left Arizona. We will see how it goes.

So, I have not knitted in the past several days. I will try to finish up this purse today or tomorrow. Then I need to get on with my gifts.

David went to the popcorn festival and got me a huge bag of kettle corn but I have not felt like eating it. I had a bit of it when he brought it and it was good.

All right got to get ready for the interview. Bye for now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is in the Air!

It was really chilly this morning! The leaves have started falling off. David and I will have to make our annual trip to Caesar Creek Lake to see all the beautiful colors. This is my favorite time here in Ohio.

This weekend is the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival. I have never gone but since we live so close now we will probably walk there on Saturday. Hopefully there will be some kettle corn. They have so many festivals here this time of year. Everything you can imagine, potato festival, corn festival, Greek festival, etc, etc. Next weekend (18th) is a woolgathering (like a festival) all of the custom made yarns will be on display and for sale. I really want to go but I am afraid I will want to buy everything in site! I am still waiting to see if my friend wants to go, if she doesn't go then I probably won't go.

I did some more knitting today. I put down a couple of birthday/christmas projects to see how quickly I could knit a purse pattern I found. Unfortunately, the thread is double strand and size 11 needles so that seems to really hurt my hand because it puts a lot of pressure on it. It has knit up fairly quick though so I think once I get my cortisone shot I will make up a few of these bags too. I knitted it with some thrift shop yarn that I didn't know what to do with. Here is Marley taking a nap on it, she seems to approve.

Still no word on a job. I thought I might here this week about the one I interviewed for, still one day left in the week, maybe tomorrow. I did put in for a couple more this morning. I also started checking into the classes for a real estate license. One of them starts this weekend. I am not sure I can get registered in time but we will see. I am still not sure what I want to do :)

Watching the first NFL game of the season. Since I quit NASCAR this is my new sports obsession, I am so glad it started again...but I don't think David is to happy...LOL. I will probably just try to follow the Vikings and the Bengals this year instead of trying to catch every game that comes on. Should be an interesting year for the Bengals with Ochocinco and TO on the same team...seems like a train wreck to me....

I am trying this interesting technique to make some "clean" applesauce. I had some apples that had been around for a bit and my clean eating cookbook had a recipe for making freezer applesauce. You take the apples and core/slice them, put them in ziploc bag, squeeze lemon juice on them (about half a lemon) and then put cinnamon/nutmeg in. I used pumpkin pie spice instead of just cinnamon/nutmeg that the recipe called for, I used 2 tsp. You kind of mix and roll everything around in the bag and then put it in the freezer. Tomorrow I will take it out and let it thaw some and then you are suppose to be able to just mush it all up and the skins will just fall off (you take those out) and presto you have applesauce with no sugar added. I hope it turns out good. I will post a picture when I get it done.

All right, time to sit back and watch the rest of the game!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In case you don't believe me on my yarn obsession here is a picture of all my project boxes. Some of them are the divided by project and some are by the person the item is being knitted for. I need to put them up in the craft room because some days it just overwhelms me that these are all sitting here!

Also, here is a picture of Puppy looking out the window of the craft room. I moved the chair they were sleeping on up to my room because that is where it was supposed to go in the first place. I get lots of sunshine up there so as we move into Fall and Winter I will be sitting in there instead of in the family room as it is really dark in there. Now he can keep track of all the squirrels collecting nuts in the front yard.


I went to Jungle Jim's yesterday while David went to the u-pick it. If I have not told you about Jungle Jim's yet, it is a huge grocery store with the normal produce, meat, dairy section but then the aisles are different. There are aisles and sections for just about every country in the world! It is amazing. Any way, I went to get some health foods as I am starting my umpteenth try at losing weight (will it ever end?) I swear if I didn't have tons of clothes in other sizes I probably wouldn't bother any more, I am so tired of it. Okay so I got some really good granola and mueslix which is what I was looking for. It is hard to find "clean" granola or mueslix which means no sugar or sugar like substances. I found a couple that were really close so I am going with them because I don't want to make my own, it will just be too expensive.

So, I was walking around and had pretty much everything I wanted but still no call from David and I was in produce and thought about artichokes. I have not cooked an artichoke since I left home. They grew in our back yard and we had them all the time. Well, I just cooked both of them and ate them, they were delicious (even without butter). MMMMMMMMM

I have been knitting. I have not gotten far on any project. I seem to start things and then not like them so I go back to the drawing board. But now my thumb is acting up so I schedule a cortisone shot in a couple weeks so I am not sure what all I am going to get done for presents this year, I may have to switch to sewing things. I have tons of yarn to knit though, I have had to stop going to the craft stores because I come home with more yarn, even when I go to the thrift shops I come home with yarn LOL.

I did go to the Base thrift shop today and got 3 nice blouses and a Sarah Howard dress with a jacket. I really like Sarah Howard clothes. I also got a set of 3 ceramic bowls and a mirror with roses on the frame. The bowls were really nice and I have not had any ceramic bowls that I can remember, just yucky plastic ones. The mirror will probably go on the mirror wall. I really need to get the foyer done, I can't believe how much I procrastinate doing it. David said I should just get some wallpaper to put back up LOL! I will try to work on it some this week but I am afraid my hand is not going to like it too much. I also have the kitchen to do. I need to remove wallpaper, patch holes prime and paint. In Jack's bathroom I need to use some Killz primer in there and then paint it blue and then we are going to put some wainscotting on the bottom half with a large molding at the top to create a little shelf around that corner. There isn't any counter space in there so it will help a little with that. I will probably get a new cabinet and top in there too.

All right, I am going to work on someone's Birthday present now...hmmm who has a birthday coming up soon??