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Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15 - Happy President's Day!

Another snowy day, seems to be coming down fairly good right now. A good day to stay in doors and do my homework and laundry that I didn't get done yesterday because I was too busy knitting.

I started knitting the small bunny with a sweater from the Debbie Bliss magazine. I thought it was so cute I had to do it. Lemon Lace has about 22 rows to go and then I have to fringe it. I've got to think about the blanket to make for Beth. She is having a boy. I was going to work on the sunshine quilt next but I don't think that is a good blanket for a boy. She says she has a jungle theme in the nursery so I will have to see what pattern would be good, I think I have a nice green I can use. I'll probably make up a few more bunnies to give out at Easter. They are very quick to knit up and you can make a different sweater to change them up.

I am also putting together some frames and a shadow box for my boss' retirement. I am still waiting for the shadow box to come which is making me nervous. His retirement is 5 March. I am sure it will get here on time, but I have to have time to put all the stuff in the box. I have to go downtown to pick up the flag from the congressman's office. If it isn't snowing tomorrow I will do it then.

All right, off to do my homework so I can do some knitting. Jack want's me to take him out for lunch today but we will see how the roads look once he gets up and around.

I'll post some pictures later.

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