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Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 Feb - It is snowing again!

Came home early to work on the shadow box. Stopped by clothing sales to get the medal rack and then went by military toy store to get a large model B-2 because he worked in that SPO earlier in his career. I am still not totally happy with the placement but I will work it out before it gets glued down. I just need David to snip off all the pins so I can glue everything down. I think he will like it because he doesn't know he is getting it.

I am going to work on some knitting now. Going to pick up those stitches on the band and start knitting the skirt for the Tunic Dress.

Yes, it is snowing again today. Supposed to snow on and off through Saturday. I think February is the worst month to live in Dayton!

I will post some pictures later of the knitting and the final shadow box.

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  1. I definitely like the one on top better. I will go with that. Now I got to get David to cut the pins off for me. I checked on the plate at the hobby shop but it wasn't ready yet.