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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Official Duty Day!

Only one more day to wear the uniform after today! Yah! As you can see I am very happy and I did not stay very long but I made the effort to go in uniform so what the heck let's take a picture. Rachel will be here soon! I am so excited!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Addition to new things around house

The hole in my bedroom ceiling where Dave stepped wrong while running cable to my craft room. I wonder how long it will stay this way?? :)

Photo of Puppy and Me!

Garage, flowers, puppies

Here are a couple pictures of Dave's garage, some flowers, and puppies(Ms. Marley)!

New things in the house

We got our new cabinets (not all new just extra ones) and David has put in the large pantry and the smaller one over the new oven. He was then able to hang the new microwave. We are waiting for the company to resend the two that goes on each side of the fridge, Lowe's ordered the wrong size so we have to wait for them to be delivered. The finishes match up okay, the tall cabinet looks darker than the others but I think we can live with it. Once David gets the others in I am going to finish taking down the wallpaper and paint the kitchen a different shade of yellow. Thinking about getting new counter top and doing a ceramic backstop. I will then get the curtains back up. I am going to reverse the curtains that were here to the plaid side. Also going to take down those ugly old wood shutters. The wallpaper is all down in the entry way and at long last Jack has doors for his bedroom!!

Catching up on recent thrift shop/garage sale finds

I haven't shown my latest finds so here they are. Two old mirrors and a picnic basket (mostly a wine basket)all for $7. The four seasons by Metalcraft, these are older and going for about $40 each online, I got all 4 for $10. And my beautiful $10 craft room chair, can you say '70's? I also loaded up on 4 suits (skirts not pants) at the big thrift shop, all from the Le Suit company, 2 of them were $12.99 and 2 were $8.99, they are really nice. All the colors you need, dark red, black, light blue and purple. Got to shop for some nice shirts to go with them now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Completed Sundress

I had to stop myself because I wanted to keep embellishing this dress but I really need to move on to other projects. I think it turned out really good. This is the first time I have tried any embroidery on a knit, it does not look that good in the back but it is okay. I am going to put a fusible backing along that hem in the back to keep the stitches together and I am also going to glue all the buttons since this is for a 2-year old I don't want them going into her little mouth! Okay on to the next project!

Knitted Sun Dress

I've posted a picture in the right hand column of the little sundress I made for my friend's two year old daughter Clarissa. I am going to add some embroidered flowers over the skirt which is part of the original pattern. The original pattern called for the straps to tie but I think that is a little time consuming for a busy mom and I doubt if they will stay tied so I folded the straps over and closed with a pretty button. The dress is now a pullover dress. I will post a picture once I have the flowers done.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Medical Records

I had to get a copy of my medical records to go see the VA rep to claim my disabilities. I then have to make another copy to keep for myself. Normally not a big issue unless you have a stack like this! I am not sure how much this is going to cost me but as long as I get 100% disability it will be worth it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy, Love You! I hope you have a great day!!

Sissy xoxoxoxo

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend! I finally finished my last paper for my class Friday night at midnight so I am free until July. I started some knitting and I have a few sewing projects to finish up too.

I think David had a great weekend. He has finally got most of his welding components together. We started Saturday morning off by going to get a generator that he can use to run 220. Later Jack and I took him to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. He then ordered his plasma cutter from California so it was a very good day for him. On Sunday, we went to the commissary in the morning and then he worked on Jack's bedroom doors all day and they look really good. I have to paint them now, I will do that when I paint the walls. I am going to paint his room a light blue and his bathroom will also be a blue color with some white bead board.

Later David got to sit down and play the game I got him for PS3. I think he had a pretty good day or weekend and I am glad he is finally getting his welding equipment and garage together he deserves it, he works very hard.

I will get around to taking pictures of the doors and garage later today. I also got some things from the garage sales on Friday that I will post.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Sewing Machine

Here is the new sewing machine. I can't wait to do a project on it. I love the little table that came with it. I am going to work my way through using all the stitches.

I don't remember if I ever posted a picture of this pretty green bowl that I got at a barn sale for $1. It is signed on the bottom and when I looked it up it was worth about $125. I really like barn sales!

Wherever I am Ms. Marley is not very far away, she just flops down wherever she is and waits for me to go somewhere.

Craft Room is Ready!!!

Well, I've spent all day working on getting the craft room ready. It is so nice to see it all neat and tidy. I just hooked up the sewing machine and gave it a little spin, oh my goodness, I had straight stitches with perfect tension! I am not sure how to act. I also finally framed all of my linens that I have been carrying around for years and if there was any doubt that I am an anglophile I think this will clear that up. David hooked up cable for my TV tonight which was very sweet but while he was in the attic he put his foot in the wrong place and now we have a nice hole in our bedroom. It is all taped up with pretty blue tape, but I got cable :) that's all that matters. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. I've got one paper to finish for school and then I am going to get busy with all my projects. If you notice all the red bins in my room those are all projects to be done still. So little time.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Project update

Here is a picture of the table. I am almost done with stripping it, it needs some nails and glue. I was going to repaint it but I kind of like the wood. I may just restain it. Also, here is the picture of the picture I bought at the thrift shop for $25. It is very pretty and the frame is really nice too. The wallpaper removal is going a little slower today, I ran into a problem area so I have not got as far as I wanted to. I will hopefully be done tomorrow.

Jeep Jam Pictures

Here are the pictures from Dave's weekend.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I almost have the table stripped. I have to go to Lowe's tomorrow and get a little more stripper and mineral spirits. I got quite a bit of the wallpaper stripping done but I need more stripper for that too. It is coming down fairly well, I will have to sand the walls and prime them before the paint goes up but all the work will be worth it! I put a before picture of the table too.