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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 Feb - Snow Day

Woke up to more white stuff coming down this morning. Watched the news and saw that my son's school was closed and thought my work would be too but no it wasn't. Got to work driving 20 MPH all the way and found out once I got there that we would be going home at 11:30. Now, really was this worth risking everyone's life to drive in through a snow storm so we could be released? It is a crazy world!

Well, Lemon Lace is coming along nicely. I have 22 more pattern rows to go so hopefully I will be finished by this weekend. I am also trying to do some crochet whenever I set the needles down for a rest. I am trying to make the flower for the middle of the Sunshine Baby quilt but it has just been a disaster, although last time was a bit better. I will get there eventually. I am going to a club meeting Saturday, it will be my first one and I am hoping to get some tips from the folks that attend.

I've got to sign up for my pasta making class before it fills up. There is a wonderful store here called Dorothy Lane Market and they have a cooking school too. In April, they have a class on how to make your own pasta. It always looks so good on television.

That is all for snow day. The snow continues to come down. I ran out of propane for the fireplace so I can't even enjoy the fire now. Such is life.

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