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Friday, July 30, 2010

Houses we saw

Here are the houses we saw in Oregon.

Okay, here are some pictures

Okay, I am going to post a few pictures. Most are from the visit in Oregon. One is from the cooking class my friend and I went to Wednesday. Enjoy.

Trying to Keep Up

Things have just been non-stop around here! I thought I was finished with VA appointments but I have one more next week for neurology.

I have been very busy with both of my classes and I have also picked up some consulting work so no time for crafts :( I have not even had time to post the things I wanted on Etsy.

I was hoping to get my entry way finished before Beryl and Mark come but I don't think it is going to happen.

I did get a nice table at an estate sale today and another mirror.

I finally got my boxes from Oregon but some of my plates broke in shipment. At least they did not cost too much but still sad. I have no idea when I will get that project done.

I have a phone interview on Monday for an acquisition job. I put in for a bunch of jobs a month ago and I think the replies are starting to trickle in. We will see what they offer me. I have my eye on a teaching position that just opened up at the acquisition university so I need to be choosey. Dave just wants me to get a job...LOL.

Okay, I promise I will post some pictures this weekend. Homework is calling me!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy, Busy

I have been so busy since getting home. I've had appointments at the VA hospital to support my disability claim. I have two more this week. I have had to catch up on my homework, I still have an assignment due today.

On the craft front, I have started working on getting items ready to post on my Etsy store. The first items I will post are the collectibles that I have bought from garage sales or thrift shops. I am hoping to get the pictures up today or tomorrow. While I have those out for sale, I am going to work on getting some purses made to put up for sale. I have my ideas for the small Jane Austen purses that I will do first because they will work up fairly quick. Then I will work on some of the more complex things.

I completed the back of my dress while at mom and dad's so I have to start working on the front. I also bought some yarn while at Ashland so that will be here next week in the boxes I mailed with all the plates that I bought.

David finished putting in the cabinets so now I have to get around to finishing up all the remodeling I have started. The entry way is still sitting stripped of wallpaper and wondering what is going to happen to it. My table is still not refinished and I have all the pictures and things I bought to hang still sitting on the floor ready to go up.

In the midst of all of this, I am still looking for some part time work. I am now considering doing real estate. I am going to talk to my Realtor today to see what is involved in all of that. I feel like a kid who can't figure out what she wants to be when she grow ups!

All right off to take care of business for the day. Once I get the Etsy store up and running I will post the link and I will get some pictures posted too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jessica's Pretty Shirt

Taking a quick break to post the pictures of Jessica's shirt that we made while I was visiting. It has been a long time since I made a piece of clothing from a pattern and first time doing piping. I think it turned out very good!

I am home!!

I have made it back home finally! I was not able to post while I was gone so I will get things updated this week. I have some house cleaning to do first and I have to get caught up on my homework too. I will post the shirt project that Jessica and I finished before I came home, it turned out really good.

more later.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rachel Is Here!!

Rachel finally made it in late last night. She was delayed a couple hours in Chicago. We went to the AF Museum today and that took most of the day. We then had Chinese buffet and went to the clothing sales store. After that I drug her to the big thrift shop and now we are home with our feet up! We will both sleep good tonight. We are off to Lexington tomorrow, horse and bourbon country, should be a good time. Will post some pictures later. All Rachel's pictures are of engines...I wonder why??