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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23 - Uneventful Tuesday

Okay it was quite a boring day! Work was boring. I had one meeting it was boring. I did some homework, it was really boring.

I went by Michael's and got the other shadow box and the flag fits good. I was going to work on it tonight but I've been having some sciatic nerve issues today so have been laying down for awhile. So, I guess no knitting tonight.

I gave Bunny with a Sweater to Clarissa's mom today and she loved it. She said she would put it on a shelf in her room so Clarissa doesn't tear it apart.

I found the Debbie Bliss forum on Ravelry tonight! I had to pull myself away to come post here. I really love her patterns.

Well, since there isn't much to tell for today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little more exciting.

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