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Friday, February 19, 2010

19 Feb - TGIF!!

Well, it is another Friday. I am so tired and I didn't even work all week! LOL.

All right, I am getting ready to finish up Bunny with a sweater. I am putting a picture here of him before he gets sewn and stuffed. I have to redo one ear because I messed it up when I was trying to get read of the excess threads. I will post the finished pictures when I am done.

I will cut the fringe for Lemon Lace and finish that up this weekend and post a picture of that too.

I am going to go to the quilt shop and fiber shop tomorrow and see what they have to offer for classes.

I am going to look through my Debbie Bliss Magazines and see if I can find a new pattern to make for the next blanket. I need to see if she has a new magazine out. I really like everything she does.

Okay off to finish Bunny!

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