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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 21 - Another Sunday Already!

Gosh, these weekends sure fly by quickly! Today is grocery and chore day as usual. I am not planning any crafts today but I may go to Jo-Ann's and pick out my material for my tote and of course I will do my weekly Sunday Target run. I also have to work on the script for Col Hobson's retirement. I need to get it back to the front office for another round of comments.

I looked at the Debbie Bliss baby blanket pattern that I mentioned yesterday for Beth but I think it is beyond my skill level. I will look through my collection of patterns, I am sure I can find something else to do. I just know it is going to be blue, a dark turquoise blue.

I am going to take the pattern of Sunshine Baby Blanket to the lady who is going to teach me how to do it. She will be in her shop after 2 today.

All right, I am off to get ready for the commissary run, more importantly the Sunday tradition of having McDonald's for breakfast...I am really hungry!

A little while later...I went to Jo-Ann's and got the material for the tote bag. It turned out to be a really spring-y type material day. I also found a cute baby quilt to make for Beth instead of knitting her a blanket. It is really cute with monkey's on it, I figured it would go better with her jungle theme than anything I can knit. I've also decided to start knitting a Tunic Dress for myself that I found in the Debbie Bliss Catalog yesterday. I bought a really pretty dark turquoise color for it. It is called Peacock. I will start taking pictures as I work on these projects. Hope everyone has had a great day! Did I mention that I hate doing laundry??

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