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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Second Day of Moving

I started the day by going to the Thrift Shop on base at around 10. I got a nice round side table, a crystal table lamp, and another piano bench with a tapestry top. I was really excited with my finds. I went to Target and got a lamp shade, a beaded round top for the round table, and a tray to put on the ottoman. I am attaching some pictures of my handy work today. I moved two trailers of light boxes and a lot of single items in the Jeep. The chairs to the table and my huge teddy bear. I got plenty of exercise in today!! Oh, I put the trestle table together and somehow I bruised my knee on it, anyway, I got the damn thing together. Had to put the legs on the ottoman and that was easy thank god. David is home now and we just finished eating and are getting ready to take some more boxes over. I am only going to unpack the boxes, I am not carrying any in, my knee really, really hurts now. All right off to supervise the loading of the trailer!

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