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Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 April - Gray Saturday

It has been raining on and off today. I had my hair done this morning. I am only getting it trimmed now because I told David I would grow it out when I retire. I'll have to put it up for a few days but that is okay.

The packing is going well and I only have a few more bits and pieces to go. We have to get into Jack's room and see what needs to be done in there. I did not like my first carpet guy so I just had another one in to measure who was much nicer. I will get that estimate tomorrow. I started painting over the patches in the kitchen and it appears the color will match very well although it will take a few coats to cover up all of the patches but I am overall happy with it.

We have the walk through Monday morning. I plan to get measurements for the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. I will go to Lowe's and order them on Monday as well as they have a 10% off sale and a 10% military discount. We will start moving boxes Tuesday. I don't think it will take long to move the house stuff but the garage stuff will take awhile.

I still have not seen a message saying my boss has approved my retirement application. I though I would see it this weekend because he will be in Orlando next week. I am afraid I will have to resubmit because they only give you a week to 10 days to reply or they cancel the application.

Well, David has gone to get us dinner and then I am going to sand the 1/2 bath and get it ready for paint. I hope we have a nice day tomorrow, at least some sunshine!

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