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Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11 - Crafty Sunday

Well, I had quite a few things I wanted to do today but I ended up spending most of it working on the pillow. It is very addictive. I finally had to stop because it was bothering my wrist and I have my brace on now. I will have to give it a day to rest.

Tomorrow, I start 2 weeks of leave. The plan is to go to the gym at 9 each morning and then either pack stuff or paint/clean. Tomorrow I will walk around and see what each room needs done and make a list. I need to go to Lowe's to get spackling and paint. Hopefully I will get quite a bit accomplished without David and Jack here. David worked on the front yard today and it looks really nice.

Okay, posting pictures of my pillow progress. I still have not broke out the old sewing machine to finish the tote but I will try tomorrow.

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