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Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 April - Paperwork is in

Well, I have submitted the paperwork and it is sitting in my bosses inbox to be approved. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. I asked for and was given another week of leave so I will be able to do some moving and cleaning next week. I believe that my retirement ceremony will be either 30 June or 1 Aug. I am not exactly sure until I get my orders and see finance to determine terminal leave. So, I am pretty much done at work except for a couple weeks next month before my surgery, I'll have 6 weeks off after surgery and then will go on terminal leave within a couple days. I am very happy!

I of course have had no chance to do any crafts and I am sure I won't until I am on my convalescence leave, some kind of knitting probably. Maybe I will finish my dress.

Okay, I just took care of all the utilities change over except for the AT&T UVERSE for the television. I believe I will leave that one up to David. I am going to load the Jeep up for hopefully the last run to Goodwill, I did a pretty good job cleaning out all the old stuff this time. I am going to try to paint the kitchen tonight but it may have to wait for tomorrow because I also have homework tonight. It will be a toss up.

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