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Sunday, April 18, 2010

19 April - Another Sunny Sunday

I forgot to mention that yesterday was my 22 AF anniversary! Woo-hoo, pay raise and clothing allowance coming my way. What will I spend it on?

David and I had fun yesterday going to see Date Night even though the movie wasn't as funny as the trailers made it out to be. It was still nice to get out and not worry about packing or cleaning for awhile. We then went to BW3 and had early dinner.

I was supposed to work on my homework last night but I decided to finish the latching on the pillow. Now I have to get a pillow form and some material to make the entire pillow. I will take a run to Hancock Fabric today.

I will spend most of the day doing laundry and homework. David is going to start cleaning out his garage. That should be interesting. Plans tomorrow are to finish packing what I can and get all the boxes to the front room. Tuesday I will start touch up painting and painting the kitchen red wall and the half bath.

All right, going to start homework while David is still sleeping.

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