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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Day of Moving

We didn't get much moved from the house today. I spent most of the day shopping. I got a nice old piano bench from the thrift shop on base for $15. I got a stainless steel can opener from the BX (our old one is OLD). A new toaster, two canisters, some cabinets for Jack's bathroom and a couple garbage cans from Target. I bought all the replacement light fixtures, medicine cabinets, ceiling fan, couple of rugs, and shower heads from Lowe's. I got a doggy door from Home Depot. I picked up the ottoman from Value City Furniture. I bought a sofa table from Sauder. That was enough buying for one day. When David got home we went and got the sofa from Value City and swung by the house to pick up the carpet that goes under the table. I am going to clean it with the rug cleaner tomorrow. So also took the rug cleaner and the small Oreck vacuum and of course my stereo so I can rock out tomorrow while I clean the carpet and arrange my new furniture. First tomorrow I am going to the thrift shop again because people were bringing in some nice stuff for consignment as I was walking out so I am going to check it out. I am going to load up the trailer with light stuff tomorrow and make a couple trips over. Jack is going to have a friend with a truck help after school. So, we will get there sooner or later!

All right I am tired, goodnight!

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