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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Georgeus Saturday Morning

It is a beautiful morning outside! So happy we have got past winter.

The house is coming along well. I did a lot of packing again yesterday. I might do some sanding and patching again today. I don't plan to work too hard today.

David and I had a great time at the Chamber of Commerce but the dinner was not that tasty. Carrot cake for dessert was good. I finally got to meet all the Long Cleaner folks. It is a family company so it is nice mom and pop feel.

I am posting the picture of the pillow. Like I said in previous post I made the outside frame two big so I will have to add an extra row to make it come out right but I am sure no one will notice once it is done.

Also, posting a picture of Puppy because he looked so cute in his basket today.

Got to go, Jack wants to use my computer.

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