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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cold Thursday

It turned cold, wet and windy today. Disappointing after all the nice weather lately. I got my allergy shot today and then went to the VA center to pick up the form I need to claim the disabilities. I then went to the medical records and requested a copy of all my medical records. Once I get those I can see the medical record review person and then once I get my retirement orders I can send in my claim.

I worked on a lot of training stuff today and got things posted to the website it was quite time consuming, I have more to do tomorrow.

I started packing up my cubicle since I will be out three weeks and we are supposed to move to a new building next month so figured I would go ahead and clean everything out, not sure when my surgery is going to be so I may be out when they are moving.

I just read on the MEB forum that someone from 17 Dec has received their findings back so I am getting closer. My friend said she would call again tomorrow to check the status so I will update the blog tomorrow.

Still no crafting. I am going to stop by Jo-Anne's tomorrow and pick up some fat quarters to make the hook fabric log cabin pillow. I have some material but they aren't the right colors for this project. I will try to post something tomorrow or Saturday. I still need to do the final stitch around the tote but I have to get the old sewing machine up and running.

Time for a snack and then I have a bunch of shows to watch.

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