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Monday, May 14, 2012

I have returned...

Well, I have survived my third quilt retreat at Maria Stein, Ohio! I had a great time and it was by far my most productive retreat. We had a very full room this time and things were a little cramped but it was all good.
Here we are in the outback of Ohio! Farmland surrounds the retreat center.
Large cross in front of retreat center with Ohio farm landscape in background.
This is the front of the retreat center. It used to be a convent.
This is a beautiful memorial garden and fountain.
This is the big room! This is the fullest I have seen it. We normally have a lot of space in the front right hand side.
This is my work space. It was nice to have a large table but I was very close to the lady behind me and we kept bumping into each other. The other two tables are Clarinda's and Melissa's. Melissa worked on baby blankets and she also made some pillow covers for her daughter. Clarinda finished a baby blanket and her grandson's camoflauge blanket. I should have took pictures of their projects too but wasn't thinking at the time.
So, what happens when you leave your bobbin cover at home? You McGyver your machine of course!
A very simple fix that worked perfectly! I didn't have any trouble with tension which surprised me. I got through some of my list of projects to complete. I began Friday evening on Jack's quilt and had it finished about 7 hours later. Didn't go to bed until 2 am Saturday morning. Back up and working at 9 am. I completed the sewing and cutting on the chenille rug for Beryl, I just need to bind it and wash it. Saturday evening I made an apron for Jessica. Sunday morning I started working on Mark's Japanese quilt. It went together a lot quicker than I thought and I wish I had started on it Saturday night, I might have finished it if I had.
This is Jack's quilt. The top is completely done. It is going to go to the quilters with the other couch quilt that I did for Doris. Melissa is supposed to take me to meet the quilt lady on Wednesday.
Here is the stain glass rug project for Beryl. I am showing it in progress in the sewing machine and then completely sewn and cut. I still need to square it, sew on binding and then wash it. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
This is the cute apron I made. You take a large dishtowel and cut the top at an angle and trim with material. I used chicken material that I already had to make this for Jessica. She has all of mom's chickens for her future kitchen so thought I would make her an apron to go with it.
Here is Mark's Japanese quilt in pieces. I am hoping to work on it this week and have it done by the weekend.
Clarinda and I stopped at JoAnn's on the way home and I found all this fabulous yellow and black material on clearance. We had been discussing the disappearing 9 patch quilt at the retreat and that is what I am going to make with these 5" charm packs. Hoping to start on that next.
This is the little puppy that Jack got me for mother's day. He is really cute. It is nice to get a gift from your child when you know that they actually picked it out for you. Well, that was the weekend. It was quite long and I was very tired today. Came home early because my back was bothering me so went to chiropractor came home and took a nap. Feeling much better now. I told Rachel I am going to have to start taking leave the Monday after retreat weekend!

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