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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday -- 3 Day Weekend Ahead!!!

I picked up the Japanese quilt tonight and it turned out really good. I am posting pictures of all three of them. Tomorrow Clarinda and I are going to the Mason Jar Quilt Shop to work on our quilts, I am going to trim these down and get the binding ready. Clarinda is going to bring her Take 5 die-cutter so I can cut out that quilt. I will also take the yellow and black quilt to work on. We are doing that until 3 and then we are running down to Fabric Shack and over to the big JoAnn's. Today we went to Springfield to Creative Fires Quilt Shop, picked up the quilt and went to JoAnn's. I didn't buy any fabric!! I did buy a magazine though. So, tonight I just hung up the quilts and took good pictures of them to post here and on Pinterest. I think I will make a couple of 9-patches before bed. :)
Jack's Quilt. Fireworks quilt pattern.
Mark's Quilt. Dragon quilt pattern. Can you see the dragons?
Doris' Quilt. Daisies quilt pattern

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