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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Sunday

I can't believe it has been a week since I posted! We have had a pretty good weekend so far. It is quite chilly now so we have had the fireplace going most of the weekend. David put another doggy door in so we can close the french door and save on the heating bill. Jack and I are sitting here watching the Cincinnati Bengals play. I am doing a little work while I am watching since I owe them a few hours for the week.

As far as knitting, I worked on the bolero until I used up the first skein, I have to join in and knit about 4 more inches to finish it up. I decided to stop working on that and work on a scarf for Britney's birthday. It is one of the pom-pom scarfs that I knitted before, I had 4 skeins to knit it and I did one skein yesterday, it does not take long to knit up.

On Thursday night my friend Melissa and I went to a cooking class at Dorothy Lane. This was one of the classes where you sit at tables and watch the chef cook. It was French food and French wine and it was very good!

Friday, I interviewed for another job. Hoping to find out this week if I got it and then I will give this job two weeks notice. I am hoping the new job will be a little more in line to what I would like to do plus it is a salary position.

David is installing a new water softener. He has the water turned off so no laundry is getting done yet plus I am supposed to make him pumpkin bread for his work but all of that is on hold at the moment until he finishes. He had it in but found that the lines weren't run properly from the old one and he is putting in a filter too so it may be awhile before things get done around here.

I had two trick or treaters last night! So, we are eating lots of candy today.

I will try to post some pictures later.

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