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Sunday, October 24, 2010


We have had a nice weekend. David and I went to IHOP yesterday morning, well mid-morning so it was more of a brunch than a breakfast. We didn't go to IKEA or the junkyard as I didn't feel like walking around and David didn't really need anything from the junkyard. We did stop at a couple stores to look for some pants that David wants but we couldn't find them. When we got home David took a nap with the dogs and I laid down upstairs because my back was sore from sitting in the car. Jack got me up to go drop off some job applications and then we went to the mall to get him a jacket. When we go back I just went and laid in bed, trying to rest up and get better. The puppies kept me company. This morning I woke up in pain again, David got my meds for me and I went back to sleep for awhile and then got up to go to commissary. I decided I need to stay out of bed to day and move around so I am doing laundry and cleaning in between watching the football games. I am going to work on some knitting once I am happy with all the cleaning.

I am posting a picture that I sent out to everyone this week of Jack all dressed up for Homecoming Dance. He had a really good time. I told David we have to start saving for the Prom! Everything is so expensive.

Well, off to change the laundry over and get our steaks marinating for dinner.

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