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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15 - Monday after buying new house

Well, I guess we haven't actually bought it but we have a contract and all the wheels are in motion. We will close next month, 26 April. I will be in Orlando for the contracting conference so David will have to sign all the paperwork (yah!). We will slowly move to the new house in May and get this one ready for rental. I have a few folks at work who have friends coming here for AFIT and need rentals so hopefully it will all work out well. Hopefully, we will get someone in for 2 years and then we can sell it without having to lose any money.

Well, I have completed all my posts for my class and now just have the final paper to write and turn in before Friday. I will be glad to be finished with this one. I need to order my books for the next one and pay the fees. I was hoping to be retired by now since I am going to take two courses this term. Oh well, maybe soon. I read on the blog today that the board is working on the November packages so hopefully they will start December packages next month and I will get the notice in May.

I am doing really well on knitting the purse for my mom. I have finished one side, the bottom, and start up the other side. I don't think the knitting will be taking too much longer and then I have to figure out the handles and the lining. I don't have any other crafts going on right now, I've stopped the dress for now.

All right, off to knit and wait for David to come home and make me dinner. LOL

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