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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fabric Shack

It has been a busy day today. David and I went to an estate sale in the morning. We didn't find too much there. I bought these 4 little glasses. I think you would call them cordial glasses. I have plans for them which you may some day see here on the blog. I am including a close up detail picture of the Couch Quilt that I posted last night. I am really liking it and can't wait to get it all done. Melissa and I went to Milano's for lunch. It has been our favorite place for sometime but they have not been consistent with their food lately so we may have to find a new favorite. After lunch we went to the Mason Jar quilt shop which is our local quilt shop here in Beavercreek. Melissa found a backing for the baby quilt she is making and it was 30% off so that made her very happy! We picked up Clarinda after lunch and went to Waynesville, OH, the home of Fabric Shack. They have a lot of fabric. I am posting a picture of the sign and a picture of one of the rooms they have there. They have so much stuff to look at in a small space that some days it can be hard to get around the store and they are really slow at cutting what you want, so don't go there unless you have patience and time. I was on a mission to buy the fabric panels to make the chenille rug/wall hanging. You can see them in the picture. The panels have a stained glass look to them, I bought the same panel in pink and purple. In the picture you will see the panel as I bought them and then the sample of the finished project as it is hanging in the store. The finished project can be used as a wall hanging or small throw rug. I am going to make the purple one for Beryl, it is her favorite color. The pink one is for me of course! I also picked up some fabric to make Jack his quilt. I am going to make it the same style as the Couch Quilt, the material is the picture of blue and brown shades with solids and stripes. We left Waynesville and headed to Miamisburg for the quilt show. I am including some photos from the show. They had some pretty quilts there. Some were old, some were new. I thought they were going to have a few more vendors there but it was a small show. We didn't win the raffle for the quilts so we were soon off to the big JoAnn store. I picked up a few things there not much. On the way back we stopped at Hancock Fabric. I found the stars and stripes material there and I am going to make a wall hanging with that. I also picked up a couple pattern books. That was the end of the shopping day! I am now sorting through everything and deciding what will go to the retreat. Tomorrow I am going to cut the material for the Take 5 quilt which I am making with the blue/gray flannel material that you see pictured. I will also finish cutting the Japanese fabric for Mark's quilt and the fabric for Jack's quilt. So, here is my list of things to take to the retreat: 1) Couch Quilt (layer backing, batting, and top; get ready for quilting) 2) Mark's Japanese Quilt (finish top) 3) Jack's Blue Quilt (finish top) 4) Chenille Panel for Beryl (finish except for washing/drying) 5) Airman's Take 5 Quilt (finish if time) That should be enough and may even be too much but this is my priority list. That's all for tonight. I need to tidy my room because Melissa is coming over tomorrow to work on her quilt. Oh, here is a picture of Marley helping me clean up my room. :)

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