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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Room!!!

My new room is complete!! I haven't had time to post to the blog because I have been moving things and putting stuff away. I think I finally have things set up the way I want it. It is still a bit messy but I'll get things put away by the end of the week. The floor turned out beautiful but now it makes the kitchen floor look bad so we will have to do something about that. The table turned out a little larger than we had thought it would so not as much room left as we were imagining in our heads but it is a great table and I can't wait to get one of the big quilts on it. Today David moved my felt design wall. This is the wall you see in my other pictures where the quilts are hanging. I just had felt tacked up on the walls and some plastic hooks to hang the quilts on. Now I have a nice framed felt wall and it looks great! I just have to figure where to put the hooks, I might get some of the clear ones. I haven't really worked on anything. I have a baby quilt going for Dave's friend but other than that I haven't done anything in about a week. I need to get the backings done for the Take 5 and the Yellow and Black so I can finally finish them up. Here are some pictures of the room:
Here is the big table. This is two dressers back to back and 3 IKEA table tops which Dave put together and then 4 IKEA legs. At far end is another IKEA table that is holding my sewing machine. On top are 4 cutting mats which gives me about 2 yards on the sides to measure. Also on top is the baby quilt I am working on.
This is my couch, lounging area, it is very comfortable. I take my 10 minute naps here...
This is the fireplace and TV, it is directly across from the couch. I am still figuring out the bench and cubes. Not sure if I like where they are. The table was originally going to go in this area but then we swapped everything when the table turned out so big.
This is the cube storage and a place for me to put my knick knacks. I have my mom's shoes and little vases displayed here.
Back to the table. It now has an IKEA lamp hanging over it and boy does it put out some light! Dave hooked up a remote to it so I just have to push a button to turn it on...very nice.
Just another view of the table. I am thinking about decorating the drawers with some decorative paper. Haven't made up my mind though.
this is close up detail of the molding Dave put around my felt design wall. I think it looks awesome!
Another picture of the design wall.
Another view of table and design wall. This is what it looks like from my couch That's about all the news from here. Jack and I went to the community college on Monday and sined him up for his first classes. They start 27 Aug. He has to get up and get to an 8 am class Mon-Wed-Fri, that should be interesting :) Talk to you later!

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