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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Craft Room

I decided not to add another border to the Yellow and Black quilt. I like it just the way it is. I need to do the backing for it but I am going to wait until I have my big craft table in my new craft room, it will make it much easier to square things up with the new table. I finished the Blue Take 5 quilt. I had it pretty much done I just needed to do the borders. I started on the boarders last night and stayed up until about 2 am to get it done. So, now I just need to do the backing for that one as well. I am still up in the air about whether to quilt them myself or send them to the long arm quilter. I think I will see once I get into my new room. Here is a picture of the finished Take 5 top:
David started working on the new craft room. He tore out all of the carpet and is stripping out all of the molding and patching the walls right now so we can paint tomorrow. We went to Home Depot today and got the wood flooring so he can put it in this week. We just came back from IKEA where we got two table tops to make the big cutting table. I also got some new curtains and a light to hang over the cutting table. I have been up here in the old room trying to organize things prior to moving down there. Hopefully, I can move by next weekend. Here are a few pictures of the room now.
This is the room looking towards the outer wall. The carpet has been ripped out. Looks like they might of had tile or linoleum squares on the floor at one time.
This is looking towards the front door. Puppy is helping Dave out by following him around! We have two of these dressers so we are going to put them back to back and put a top on it to make the new cutting table. I got a hanging light to put over the cutting table.
This is the pallet of flooring we got at Home Depot. 19 boxes in all. Two of them had damage so we got 10% off of them. Hopefully we got enough to do the whole floor. Each box does 13.1 sq ft. We have about 240 sq ft in that room. That's all for today, I have to get back to cleaning up this room!

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