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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Wrap Up

Well, it has been a pretty good weekend. We had nice weather yesterday until mid-afternoon then it turned cold and it has been very cold today. Clarinda and I went to Creative Fires and Hancock Fabrics yesterday and then she came over and we worked on our projects. She finished cutting her chenille dinosaur blanket and worked some on the owl blanket she is making. I broke in my embroidery machine. I decided to make these stuffed animals that I got on an embroidery disk from Clarinda. I made the blue bunny first and it took me most of the night to get that done because I couldn't get my machine working properly. Finally looked under the embroidery unit and I hadn't taken out a plastic thing that was holding the arm from moving. Once I got that removed things went well. The machine has been going just about non-stop today and I know have 8 animals complete. I was actually going to just make a couple and put them in the boy's and girl's Easter basket that I am making for the silent auction at work this week but once I started making them they seemed to be a bit babyish and not really in the age range for which I made the baskets so, now the plan is to do 10 -12 animals and make a bag for them with something like "Baby's stuffed animals" embroidered on it, probably with a drawstring. The other thing I did this weekend is get the boy and girl Easter baskets put together. I made a Cars pillowcase for the boy's and a sparkly butterfly pillowcase for the girl's. They have standard Easter stuff in them, candy, coloring books, crayons, stuffed animal, bubbles, etc. I am really happy with them. Here is a picture of everything. I didn't really do anything for JoAnn's gift. I did write out how many blocks I need to cut to make the bed runner. Since there is not a bed runner in the book, I have to figure out how to make it cut down from the queen size quilt. Pretty sure I have a game plan now and I just need to cut the blocks and get it all together. I am going to have to make 9 ruffles because there will be 9 blocks like you see in the middle of the pillows (but without pictures), and then 9 solid blocks, then two borders. It will end up being about 75" x 25". I'll get to work on it as soon as I get the Easter baskets and animals done. On Friday, Clarinda and I are going up to Amish country for a shop hop up there. It is about 3 hours away and we are going to stop at some shops on the way up. We are going to spend the night Friday in Berlin, OH and then do the shop hop on Saturday. We are really excited about going. Dave and I went to a movie today. We saw Burt Wonderstone,it was not that great, I thought it would be a lot funnier. I haven't been good at picking out movies to see lately. Yesterday I went to show the rental house and the lady forgot to show up so we rescheduled for today and she really liked it and was going to recommend it to her friends in Germany so I am hoping to hear from them some time this week to get the paperwork rolling. It will be nice to have that all settled in advance to our tenants leaving in June. Okay, that's all the news for the weekend. Got a super busy week ahead but at least I have Friday off...Yippee!

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