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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lazy Saturday Morning

It has been a lazy morning here so far but I have to get going in a few minutes to meet a potential renter at the Crab Tree house. We had wanted to sell the house this year but the market still isn't good and now with my furlough coming up in April - May time frame we just can't afford to carry the mortgage. So, the person I am meeting today is a friend of the family who is stationed in Germany and will be coming here around the time we will have the house ready to move in. Hopefully, I will have good news that they want it by the end of the weekend. Dave got a job delivering parts with O'Rielly auto parts, he is very happy about it. It is part time so it will still give him time to work on his projects. He is getting ready to build some bumpers for a fellow Jeeper and he is still selling the parts he gets from the junkyard. I am currently working on a couple of Easter baskets that will go into a silent auction for work. I am making a boy and girl basket so they are pink and blue. I picked up the baskets at JoAnn's for half off, they had all their Easter stuff half off so I got most things there. They also had some $1 coloring books so I got a few of those too. I am making a pillow case for each basket, I have a Cars one for the boy and a butterfly one for the girl basket. I am also going to try to make some stuffed animals that I have an embroidery disk for, I just need to pick up some plush fabric today. Here is a picture of the baskets. I've made some good progress on the pillows for JoAnn. I have all three tops done and just need to make the backs which I don't think will take too long once I sit down and do it. I will get them done this weekend I just want to get the baskets done first. Here are some pictures of the pillow tops. I got a nice big container for my embroidery threads. It was hard to keep them all contained in the smaller box I had. I am getting quite a few now. Whenever they are on sale at JoAnn's I pick up a few more. I also made Jack a Bengals pillow case which I forgot to take a picture of but I am going to make him another so I got the orange material yesterday and I had the Bengals material left from the first material, so this one will be the opposite of the one I already made, orange body and Bengals topper. I also picked up this Family Guy no sew throw for Mark's girlfriend Jackie. They love that show and she likes making these blankets so I got it for her. All right I have to go get ready to show the house. I'll try to post more tomorrow on any progress I have made this weekend. Clarinda is supposed to come over today and sew but we are also going to Creative Fires quilt shop because today is National Quilt Day!!!

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