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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amish Country Shop Hop

Clarinda and I went to the Amish Country Shop Hop, it was actually called a mini-shop hop and cuisine. We went to 5 shops and each shop gave us a recipe and each shop had also made the same quilt pattern but in different colors. It was kind of like a mystery quilt because we did not know what the quilt look liked but you could buy the different kits at each shop. So, we did the shops and then met at one of the churches for a reveal of the mystery quilt and also a tasting of all the recipes we had received. It was really quite fun except some of the shops were small and crowded. The pattern ended up being a star, I think some would call it an Ohio Star but don't quote me on that. I only really liked one of the color patterns but I doubt if I would ever make it. Here are the different colors, let me know which one you like and I will let you know which one I like!! Tell me which number you like in the order of how the pictures are shown - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I didn't take many pictures of the shops just because they were so crowded. I did take a picture in the big warehouse that we go to when we are there. It was not part of the shop hop but they have great deals on fabric. It is called Zinck's. I also picked up a few projects along the way. My favorite by far is the safari themed baby blanket. I am going to make it and put it away for any grandkids I might have one day. :) I didn't get this material at the shop hop, I got it at a shop on the way to the shop hop, because we have to hit all the shops on the way too otherwise why go?? I also picked up a few materials to make into pillowcases. I also did not get these at the shop hop shops. So, you probably think I go to Amish country just to do quilt shopping right? Wrong! I mostly go for the food. I bought more food this time than fabric...can you believe it?? I of course picked up 2 dozen fried fruit pies, a delicious German Chocolate Pie which I took to work today and heard from more than one person that it was the best pie they ever ate (I agree with this whole-heartedly), I got two summer sausages (regular and jalapeno with cheese) Jack got the Jalapeno one and he said it was awesome, I also got cheese curds and a block of cheddar, I also got a jar of bread and butter pickles. I only wish it were not 3 hours away! Oh, I also had a piece of peanut butter cup pie from the Amish restaurant, it was very rich and I couldn't eat it all but it was delicious. I can't remember if I showed you all the final animals and the bag I made for them. I hear they were a big hit at the silent auction although I did not get the final price they went for I heard they went to a grandma who is about to have a grandbaby so very glad to hear that. I might make some more sets and take them to a consignment shop that is here in Beavercreek. The license on the pattern allows you to make 50 items for sale without having to get permission. So here are the final animals. I picked up a few gifts too but some I can't show here because they are going to people who look at this blog and what's the fun of getting a gift if you already saw it?? I got this super cute barn with animals. All the animals have their names on them and make a corresponding noise when they are squeezed. I got this for Rachel to send to her step-daughter Heather who had a baby a few months ago. We went back to one of the shops after the church meeting and I got this super soft minkee to make me a throw. It is real simple to make and I'll probably sew it up this weekend. This is my new T-shirt, I love it!! I forgot to get Rachel one though so I am in the dog house! I also got some more of the wonderful soap that Rachel and I discovered on our visit. I got some soap that her friend wanted and I bought a few of the ones I liked. I am in love with the ginger peach so I got the lotion too. It is actually a lotion that I can stand the smell of and doesn't give me a headache. Last thing! I got some homespun and waffle towels to do some embroidery on. Clarinda has a cool program that puts recipes on towels and I want to try that on these to have them available for gifts. All right that is it! Overall we had a great time, stayed in the awesome Berlin Grande Hotel! I am ready to go again!