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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brrrr It's Cold Outside!!

It was -7 yesterday morning! We are up to 12 today. It is very, very cold. I've been inside almost all weekend. We went to the commissary this morning and it was just frigid we could see our breath inside the car almost all the way there. I think we are getting back to snow tomorrow which is good because that means it will warm up...LOL!

We just came back from seeing the King's Speech, David went with me. I thought it was really good and people were clapping at the end of it. Colin was of course wonderful. I know he has won the Golden Globe for it and he is up for the BAFTA and Oscar. I hope he wins. I saw there were several cast members from the Pride & Prejudice miniseries and it took me awhile to find Jennifer Ehls (who played Elizabeth) but she is the wife if the speech therapist that the King goes too. Also, the person who played Mr. Collins plays a person to whom the speech therapist auditions to for a play. I thought it would have been neat if they had Jennifer Ehls play the queen but Helena Bohnham Carter played it very well.

Well, I have not worked on my skirt at all. I have not done any craft at all!! I wish I could take it to work to do because work is so boring but I don't think they would like it too much. Right now I watch movies on the little DVD player David got me for my birthday. It is easier to get what little work done I have and to look like I am working while I watch movies than it would be if I were knitting something. Melissa signed me up for another quilt class. It is a Star quilt class and starts on 10 Feb. I haven't even finished my last quilt! I will just make the small quilt this time so I will be sure to finish it in the two classes.

Well, I have got to go do my Sunday chores now, I do really need a maid to keep things cleaned up around here, I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning up the dinning room!

Talk to you later!

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