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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1!!

The beginning of another month, one step closer to retirement! I am doing pretty good in my recovery, I seem to have a hard time in the morning in getting going but am pretty good by the afternoon. I am trying to finish up the last few weeks of my class, it is getting quite boring because we seem to keep repeating the same thing over again. I'll be glad when the final paper is done. I start two classes next term which is going to be challenging.

I have put in several applications for adjunct faculty at the local community colleges and I am hoping to hear from them soon. I have a meeting with my consultant partners next week to discuss what we have coming up in the future and more importantly discuss my consultancy fee :).

I am going to try to get my craft room together this weekend. I have to get David to put my new IKEA furniture together so I can get everything set up. I want to start making my drawstring purses with the Jane Austen notes inside, I am also thinking about a line that men can buy for their wives or girlfriends kind of like pajama gram or bear gram. I want to have purses with little gifts inside. I think it will be work well, I just have to figure out the advertising.

David is busy on ripping out his garage. I will get pictures of it tomorrow and post. He worked really hard all weekend ripping out the man cave and trying to get it back to a garage so he can park his Jeep in there to work on and not worry about having to put things away. The garage definitely looks huge with all the walls down, it looked so small with that room in there.

Our renter's seem to be getting settled in although they are having issues with well water since they have not been on it before, so now they want it tested and the well shocked, etc, etc. Oh well, what can you do? They are a nice couple with three small children.

I think I have a few pictures to post let me check. Okay, here are some pics of the house, even though it is still a mess. also paint colors. the slate gray and leaf curtains will be going in the foyer, I have to take down the pink wallpaper, it was okay to begin with but don't want to live with it any more, it does not match the dinning room colors. Enjoy!

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