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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend! I finally finished my last paper for my class Friday night at midnight so I am free until July. I started some knitting and I have a few sewing projects to finish up too.

I think David had a great weekend. He has finally got most of his welding components together. We started Saturday morning off by going to get a generator that he can use to run 220. Later Jack and I took him to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. He then ordered his plasma cutter from California so it was a very good day for him. On Sunday, we went to the commissary in the morning and then he worked on Jack's bedroom doors all day and they look really good. I have to paint them now, I will do that when I paint the walls. I am going to paint his room a light blue and his bathroom will also be a blue color with some white bead board.

Later David got to sit down and play the game I got him for PS3. I think he had a pretty good day or weekend and I am glad he is finally getting his welding equipment and garage together he deserves it, he works very hard.

I will get around to taking pictures of the doors and garage later today. I also got some things from the garage sales on Friday that I will post.


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