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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Craft Room is Ready!!!

Well, I've spent all day working on getting the craft room ready. It is so nice to see it all neat and tidy. I just hooked up the sewing machine and gave it a little spin, oh my goodness, I had straight stitches with perfect tension! I am not sure how to act. I also finally framed all of my linens that I have been carrying around for years and if there was any doubt that I am an anglophile I think this will clear that up. David hooked up cable for my TV tonight which was very sweet but while he was in the attic he put his foot in the wrong place and now we have a nice hole in our bedroom. It is all taped up with pretty blue tape, but I got cable :) that's all that matters. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. I've got one paper to finish for school and then I am going to get busy with all my projects. If you notice all the red bins in my room those are all projects to be done still. So little time.

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