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Thursday, May 20, 2010

First full day home

Well, I had my surgery Tuesday morning and I got to leave yesterday afternoon about 4. I am feeling amazingly good. I have not had to take any narcotics, just taking some Motrin every 8 hours. The incision sites hurt the most and my throat where they had the breathing tube. Otherwise not much pain on the inside. I was up and down today and tire easily but that is to be expected. When I get tired the dogs and I go take a nap together but they are not very good nappers so I might quit taking them with me. I got two flower deliveries today and they are very beautiful. My friend brought me some potted flowers and a balloon last night which was really nice, she also brought me lunch today. I have some really good friends. I will get around and take some pictures of the new house tomorrow. Everything is still kind of messy but that is how it goes around here anyway.

All right, going to try to get some homework done.

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