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Thursday, May 27, 2010

27 May - Another good day!

I have not posted in a bit because I have been busy doing things around the house and homework and looking for jobs (I have a job just looking for jobs for my job). I will probably get back to working on the website tonight. It is almost done. I went and got a PO Box so I wouldn't have my home address on the site.

Monday, I went with my friend to pick out my own shadow box. I just got a standard one, it will be similar in color to David's so we can hang them together. I am attaching pictures of the current layout. Yes, I am doing my own layout, I am very particular about that. I think I have everything in there that I want. I am going to make a separate one to hang in my craft room with some of the bulkier things that I would like to get out of boxes and up on the wall.

I have been feeling really good, especially in the morning. I have even been sleeping in so I think that is a good omen to the future and indication that I am doing the right thing by retiring.

Okay, I have way too many projects going on. I need to finish the spring purse, I need to get back to knitting my dress, today I bought material to make a patriotic wall hanging and I decided I was going to make chair covers for my dinning room chairs so I bought the pattern and material for that, I have the doggie material to make another purse which I have a new pattern for, and I have all of my ideas for making purses and all the material I am stockpiling. I have also decided to finally hang all of my linen towels that I have been collecting over the years. I bought the large frames to put them in and I need to iron them and put them inside and then figure out where to hang them. Last but not least I am going to try to cover our brass head board with some material, I thought that would be cheaper than buying a new headboard. We have had that headboard for most of our marriage so I don't want to really get rid of it but it needs some jazzing up.

Okay, I am off to do something. Enjoy some pictures! I have all my wedding china in the nice corner cabinet, this is the most light they have seen in 25 years! They look really nice though.

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