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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Rainy Day!

It is another rainy day here in Dayton. I was hoping for a sunny day to take some pictures of the garden, maybe tomorrow. I am on leave for three days again. The house on Crab Tree is looking really good. The new carpet is in, the maids have cleaned and the carpets were cleaned today (on the rainiest day) not sure how long it will take to dry. I cleaned and shined the wood floors. I really don't think there is too much to do inside the house. David has to finish loading garage stuff and then the jacuzzi. I am going to take some pictures by the end of the week to send to the renter's, I know how hard it is to rent a house without seeing it in person.

Well, got to finish up and get David's dinner done, he just walked in the door. Oh, I got some nice stuff at Goodwill and a couple frames from the base thrift shop. Got to get some crafting done.

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