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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello!! Long time no post!

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. I have just been so busy since the last post. I finished mom's quilt and gave it to her when I went to Oregon in early June for Jessica's graduation. I have not really made anything since then. I have lots of things to start working on but haven't quite had the motivation. I started my new job on 11 July and it just makes me tired sitting all day, I just come home and lay down on the heating pad after work. I am trying to get more done on the weekends. I have a quilting retreat coming up in October so I need to get some things cut so I can sew while I am there.

David and I went to the Pork Festival in Eaton, OH today. We paid for the smorgasbord and got sausage, pork chop and ham with potato salad, beans, roll and slice of pie. It was delicious! They had tons of craft booths but we didn't buy any of that. I got Beryl a table runner for Christmas.

David finally quit working and is now a full time "househusband" he is doing a really good job. He takes the dogs for a walk in the morning and then does some housework, in the afternoon he works on his Jeep. He is really enjoying it. We went to the cooking school and had a lesson in how to cook beef it was really good. We go again next month for how to cook pork. We are having fun planning and doing different things now that he isn't working. Next weekend we are going to the comedy club to see Kevin Nealon (Saturday Night Live). I took him last month to see Stevie Nicks down in Cincinnati. I am hoping we can go to Niagra Falls on a long weekend, we have always wanted to go but haven't quite made it. I'd also like to go to Gettysburg (he's already been) but we will see about that, not sure I can do all the walking involved in that.

Jack is working at the local grocery store bagging and stocking. He is using work as school credit so he goes to school in the morning and works some afternoons and evenings. He is really enjoying this new schedule. We had his senior portraits taken over the summer and he just brought home the package to order announcements so the expenses are starting to rack up for senior year...LOL.

Mark is staying in Lompoc instead of going to Cal Poly, he didn't finish up some of the credits he needed to start this Fall. He is going to get a house with a couple of his friends and take some online classes to get a management degree in hospitality/restaraunt management. Beryl is selling her house and going to get a 2 bedroom apartment, she is tired of taking care of the big old house. She had quite a few offers but they all wanted a new roof so she had one installed and raised the asking price. I hope she gets a good offer soon.

That's about all the news for now. I'll try to post more often.

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