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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting Ready

I've been really busy working on this quilt! Having the thumb surgery has been a handicap, I had to take some time off to let it rest. I am trying to do the binding today and it is just driving me crazy. I am hoping to get it done today so I can mail it.

I am also trying to get ready for my trip to Oregon. I am so excited to go! Rachel and I have some things planned and I am also going to help Jessica with a dress. Mom and Dad are coming down too so it will be really nice to see them and I am sure we will be taking Mom out shopping and for lunch plus whatever else she would like to do. Britney is coming down too so that will be great since I won't get to see her at the reunion because she will be working. Jessica's graduation is on Sunday so it is going to be her special day. I can't believe she is so grown-up already!

I am starting to plan projects for birthdays and the holidays. I will be glad to get out of this brace so I can get a little more done. I have two more weeks to go. The Dr. was very happy with my progress so far. I got my brace remolded yesterday to hold the thumb further back and it is hurting some today from the new positioning.

We have gone from freezing to blazing hot! We didn't really have a spring! It is nice to finally have the sun out. I will be happy with no rain for a little while. I think my tomato plant is going to be okay. I thought I saw a few flowers on it yesterday. I had put two in there but I think only one is going to survive.

Rachel and I worked really hard to get a complete obituary done for Grandpa but there are still some grumblings about it so we are pretty much done with all of that. I think the video turned out good but someone thought that someone else had too many of her children in it and I was thinking you're supposed to be looking at Grandpa not who's children are in it but whatever. There are always people that won't be happy so I am over that too. We are going to compile all the information we gathered to develop a family tree for the reunion and put some pictures and other stuff together to hopefully make a little book to give everyone. We will work on it a little while I am in Oregon.

Oh, I am supposed to start my new job 11 July. They agreed I could start after I returned from California so that is great! I've got to start making the list of things to do for David...LOL. He is going to give his notice when we get back so he will be done about 2 weeks after we return. Jack finally got a job at a family grocery store called Lafino's. He has some training requirements to finish up and will start probably after school finishes (June 10th). He is also going to take his physical education requirement in July so he will only have two classes next year and the work program in the afternoon. He is very happy about that!

All right, back to work on this quilt!!!!

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