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Friday, April 22, 2011

Clothes Pin Dolls II

Here is the picture of how they are supposed to look. And pictures of me working on them.

I have also been working on the Pink Quilt. I am busy tying it and then I will bind it and it will be finished. I am hoping to get the tying done this weekend. It is supposed to rain all weekend so good time to stay inside and work on it.

We finally have some tulips coming up and I will try to take some pictures of those tomorrow if the weather is nice for a few minutes. I also bought a couple of tomato plants to plant in one of those topsy turvy planters. David hung me a hook to hang it from so I will also try to get that hung up tomorrow weather permitting. David was supposed to go 4-wheeling this weekend but of course the weather is not cooperating. He may go tomorrow depending on the weather or next weekend if everyone who was going this weekend decide to go next weekend. He has been making vinyl covers for his doors and I got a picture of him sewing on my old machine.

I got another shot in my hip for my bursitis and it is feeling better. The orthopedist wanted me to go back and see the neurosurgeon for my back pain so I have that all set up but have to get an MRI first so I will be doing that May 11 and see the Dr May 12. The orthopedist thought maybe I should try getting epidural shots, I did that once before I had my surgery and didn't get any relief but maybe it will be different now that I have had the surgery. In the mean time my primary care Dr wants me to increase my neurontin to 2000 mg a day. I am not sure about that, I already feel like a zombie all day on 1500, I think 2000 is going to knock me out. Hopefully when I see the neurosurgeon we will be able to figure all this out.

I also saw the hand surgeon for my thumb pain. I have had this going on for two years now and have had at least 4 shots in it and the last one didn't do anything for me. So, now I am going to have surgery on the joint to add a piece of tendon that they will take from my arm and roll up to put in the joint so there will be a cushion in there instead of rubbing bone on bone like it is now. I am going to get that surgery May 5. Next week is my last week at work and I don't have the start date for my new job so I am going to get this surgery done before I start the new job. Supposed to be in a cast for 6 weeks.

So, that is all the news for now. I will try to get some outside pictures tomorrow and hopefully some pictures of finished dolls!

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