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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mark and Jaclyn

Mark and Jaclyn finally opened there box so now I can post the pictures of what I made them!
Here is the bag laid out and ready to be made into the bag shape by sewing the two sides together.
This is the bag after the two sides have been sewn.
The pattern did not call for a closure but I thought it was kind floppy and things might fall out so I added this frog closure that is Asian inspired.
This is the completed bag. It is called a Hobo Bag because I guess it looks like what hobos used to carry on a stick. You can really put a lot of stuff into it.
This is Jaclyn with her bag. She looks happy so I think she likes it, hopefully she will put it to good use!
This is what I made Mark. This quilt starts back to when Rachel came out to visit, we went to Amish country and found this warehouse with fabrics, as we were going along I saw this Dragon Ball Z material and I got so excited because it looks like material that Mark used to have in sheets and pillows when he was a young boy (actually he probably still has them) so I just had to get it! I had actually bought the entire bolt of material, it was prequilted and I thought I would cut it into sections and make a quilt out of just that material. When I actually rolled the bolt out I found that the inner sections were damaged so I ended up taking these six panels and buying a bolt of fleece to use as the strips in between and the backing. I was so excited for him to get it and I think he really liked it.
This is the first quilt I have done on the long arm. This is a close up of the control monitor of the Tiara and you can see the quilt on the table being quilted. I am wearing special gloves that help to grip the quilt and move it through the machine more easily.
Here is a distance shot of the quilt on the table.
Close up shot of the quilt going through the machine and my gloves. This machine is not like a regular sewing machine, it does not have the feed dogs that moves material through you have to move the material yourself, this allows you to make curves and do more designs. It is also more difficult because it takes a lot of practice to get the stitches just right.
Here is a picture of the completed blanket with the binding. I figured I would use polk-a-dots since it was Dragon Ball Z, couldn't find the actual Dragon Balls but thought this would be a good interpretation.
Here is my baby boy Mark all wrapped up in his new blanket! He looks very happy doesn't he! Mom really surprised him! LOL That's all for now, I will get some pictures of my progress on the wedding quilt this weekend. Take Care!

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