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Friday, April 19, 2013

Winter? Spring? Summer?

Some months I just don't know where the time goes! The weather has just been super crazy this month. We had snow, we've had thunderstorms, windstorms, 80 degrees one day 40 degrees the next. It has been a truly odd month of weather. I hope it decides what it wants to do very soon. I am hoping it doesn't get too hot too soon, in order to save money on base they have decided they aren't going to turn the air conditioners on until June! I think they must of forgot how hot and humid it is in Ohio prior to June. Maybe I will take my furlough days the last two weeks of May! We still don't know for sure that we are going to get furloughed, it has been cut from 21 to 14 and my boss said the AF is hoping to find the money to keep everybody working. I hope so. Well, Clarinda and I have been having our weekend quilting parties every weekend since my last post. We seem to get a lot more accomplished when we do our projects at the same time. She has been coming over Friday nights but couldn't make it tonight. She usually doesn't come Sundays because she likes to spend time with her family and grandkids but she has been here a few Sundays and will return this weekend. We have retreat coming up 2-5 May so we have to start getting ready. I am sure we will work on it this weekend and next. Melissa is flying back from New Mexico to attend and I am really excited to see her again, I miss her so much! I am thinking I will take the seascape project and another project that is a gift for someone. Not sure if I will take anything else but I probably will just in case I don't want to work on the planned projects. Here are some of the latest pictures of my projects. The biggest one is the bed runner and wedding pillows. I will have it complete this weekend and give it to JoAnn on Monday. I'll be so glad to finally have it done! I am just going to leave all the photos clumped together because the formatting always seems to get messed up. I have all of the wedding pillows done, they turned out really good and she is going to love them. These are the pillowcases I made for Jaclyn for her birthday. I also got her a new sewing machine because hers was broken. A picture of yours truly! These are my new glasses and I liked my hair that day, LOL. This is the little tiger I made for Jack. Next picture is some really pretty material that I fell in love with at the fabric shop, I just had to get it, not sure what I am doing with it but I loved it. The flowers is an embroidery design that I got with my monthly subscription the picture on the left is the entire project and the picture on the right is the first block that I made. Last few pics is the bed runner laid out and then with the border added. All right, that's my update for now. I'll post my final bed runner pictures this weekend.

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